Kid Koder

Hi, I'm Kid Koder. I'm 10 years old and I love to code. I self-taught myself to code in second grade. Since then I've made a few apps to make the world a simpler place. When I first started coding, I used Scratch and made a few games. A I became more advanced, I taught myself HTML and CSS(aka the language of the web). A few years later I learned Java and made my first app, Pizza Calculator And now here we are. I have a website and have started a non-profit to teach kids to code called Kidz Kode Coding jobs are increacing by the second, which makes coding an essencial skill to learn. So, what better way to teach kids to code than a kid. Now, if your disagree let me tell your way this is great. Since said kid has already learned to code that kid can reiterate it so that the kid he or she is teaching can understand it easily.